Saint Maron

St. Maroun also known as Saint Maron, was a 5th century Syriac Christian monk who after his death was followed by a religious movement that became known as the Maronites. The Church that grew from this movement is the Maronite Church. St. Maroun was known for his missionary work, healing and miracles, and teachings of a monastic devotion to God. St. Maroun, born in the middle of the 4th century in Syria, was a priest who later became … more

Saint Charbel

Youssef Antoun Makhlouf was born in 1828, in Bekaa Kafra (North Lebanon). He had a true Christian upbringing, which had given him a passion for prayer. Then he followed his two hermit uncles in the hermitage of the St Antonious Kozhaya monastery and was converted to monastic and hermetical life. In 1851, he left his family village and headed for the Our Lady of Maifouk monastery to spend his first monastic year … more

Saint Rafka

Born about the year 1832, Blessed Rafka was first known by her baptismal name Boutrossieh (Pierrette or Petronila in French). Before dying, Blessed Rafka told of her life to Sister Ursula, superior of the monastery in which she died, “There is nothing important in my life that is worthy of being recorded … my mother died when I was seven years old. After her death my father married for a second time.” … more

Saint Nimatullah

Over 18,000 Maronite Catholics made their pilgrimage to Rome to join thousands of Catholics of other churches for the canonizations of several men and women whose lives exemplified the life of Jesus Christ. It was a memorable, sunny Sunday on May 16, 2004 when three Patriarchs, forty-five bishops, several abbots and superior generals, over 1,000 priests and numerous religious with thousands of … more